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Adventists believe life is more than just the accumulation of "stuff". It’s about more than just surviving. It means more than simply maximising pleasure and minimising pain. We believe every life is of infinite value. Why? Because every human is miraculously crafted by God who wants us to live life to the full. What's more, He sent His Son to demonstrate true love, forgiveness and grace.

About Adventists

Adventurers for Kids

Children will discover the wonders of nature through their local Adventurers club. Designed for kids aged 4-9, Adventurers offers a variety of activities in a fun and creative atmosphere. The activities range from games and crafts to nature exploration and family camping. They will learn about their God-given abilities and how to use them to help others. The activities take place in a nurturing environment where children and parents can participate in building life-long memories.

Pathfinders for Teens

Have you ever tried rock climbing? How about mountain biking, canoeing or snorkelling? Perhaps candle making, photography or cooking are more your thing? Whatever your passion, you’ll find a huge range of awesome activities at our Pathfinder club. Pathfinders is for those aged 10-15, and is all about hanging out with your friends, learning some really cool skills and promoting respect for God and His creation.

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Wildlife Wanderings - Rock pools Ep 9 - Beach Sea Dragon, Sea Urchin, Sea Sponge, and more
Wildlife Wanderings - Rock pools Ep 9 - Beach Sea Dragon, Sea Urchin, Sea Sponge, and more
The Behistun Inscription
The Behistun Inscription
Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love
My Story - Max Mulligan
My Story - Max Mulligan




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301 Deakin Ave
Mildura VIC 3500
Phone: +61 400 898 429


Sat, 9:50am - Bible Study
Sat, 11:20am - Church Service




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